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How many errors did you find in your ARC?

For me the answer was embarrassing: 82. Yikes! For a book 350 pages long, that's a mistake every four pages. At least at this stage things are still fixable, but the downside is that the people who are reading the novel now are reviewers, bloggers, and podcasters, all people whose early opinions are likely to matter down the line. Hopefully they remember they're reading an ARC and forgive that apparently I don't know the difference between "decent" and "descent." Copy editing is underway and it's five weeks until launch day. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the sales pages switch from pre-order to actual order.

In other publishing-related news, the Kickstarter campaign for the SFF Anthology Shapers of Worlds Volume V successfully funded! That means that my short story will be included in the collection. I had really hoped the campaign would be successful because I wrote my story almost immediately after I was asked to contribute to the anthology. It took about a week to write (a bit over 5k words), and I've been polishing the text semi-regularly. I'll need to submit it to the editor sometime in June, so I've a bit more time for one last read-through. The central idea for the story is something I've wanted to explore for a while now, but never quite figured out how to incorporate it into one of my novels. Once I get the OK from the editor then I'll share an overview in a future update.

I'm also building up the mental momentum to start my next project. Aside from the anthology short story, I haven't done any new writing for several months and it feels like time to get chronicling Thorne's next adventure. It will be set between The Magic of Deceit and The Path From Regret, and we'll see Thorne at the peak of his Paragon power. Over the next few months I plan to post my word count updates along with some thoughts about my drafting progress. With the publication of The Magic of Deceit nearing the finish line, I'm excited to start a new marathon.

Thanks for stopping by.

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