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The debut fantasy novel from J.G. Gardner tells the story of a mage trying to erase his memories while racing to stop an old rival from upsetting the balance of power between the ruling princes of the continent and the powerful merchant guilds.


“High fantasy at its best, The Path From Regret immerses the reader in a colorful world full of outlandish creatures, rough-and-ready mercenaries, and mysterious mages capable of wielding terrible power for good or evil. Steeped in lore and brimming with compelling characters that are complex yet relatable, J.G. Gardner shares with us an epic story about one man’s quest to free himself from the ghosts of his past. With a fast-tempo plot teeming with action and intrigue, it’s easy to get lost in its pages.” - Mark Reefe, author of Spindle Lane and The Road to Jericho

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